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Do you accept walk-ins? 

Our salon is a private setting and out of respect for our clients’ privacy, we do not accept walk-ins. We provide all services by appointment only. You may call us or you can send us an email to schedule a FREE 15-minute in-person consultation. Click here to book an appointment.

Do you provide phone or in-person consultations? 

We provide both. 

What is Angel Hair Braids’ cancellation policy?

If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, your deposit will forward one time to another day. If you cancel less than 48 hours, you will lose your deposit.

What is your deposit policy?

A $50 minimum, nonrefundable deposit is required for all first time appointments. Existing clients will be required to pay a deposit after two consecutive cancellations.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Angel Hair Braids accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Our clients are welcome to pay us through PayPal, Zelle and Venmo. We do not accept personal checks.

Do you provide services for men and children?

Yes, we do. Browse our Photo Gallery for a few examples of our styles for men and children.







How long will my braids last? 

Most of our clients hairstyles last 3-4 months for small braids, medium size approximately 2-3 months. How you take care of your braids contributes to how long they will last.


Can I wash my braids?

Yes, you can wash your hair without any worries that your braids will come out.


How do I take care of my braids?

Keep in mind that your natural hair is underneath and still requires care. We advise you to wash your hair regularly, oil your scalp after washing, and spray your braids daily with a light oil to maintain your hair’s elasticity and sheen. We also recommend wrapping your hair in a silk scarf at night.


If my hair is relaxed or permed, can I still wear braids?

Yes, you can. In our experience, the relaxer continues to grow out as new growth comes in. 

Can I swim with braids?

Yes, swimming is permitted with our braiding. Because of the chlorine used in most pools, wearing a swim cap is strongly recommended. We also advise you to thoroughly wash and condition your hair after swimming to remove any chlorine or other residue.

I’m worried about hair breakage. Will I lose my hair if I wear braids? 

If braids are installed properly, you will not lose your hair. Typically, when braiders add too much hair per braid, it can lead to extreme hair loss especially around your edges. To improve the fullness of your style, we increase the number of braids rather than add an excessive amount of hair per braid. 

During your consultation, rest assured that we will advise you of appropriate styles based on the thickness and length of your natural hair. We will also recommend hair care methods to preserve your natural hair such as wrapping your braids in a silk scarf at night. 

Why do I see so many people with braids and their hairline has come out?

There are several possible reasons for this type of hair loss:

  • The braids could have been installed too tightly

  • Too much additional hair was added per braid

  • Hereditary 

  • Alopecia 

  • Some medications 


At Angel Hair Braids, we will not sacrifice your natural hair for the sake of a style. If we believe that your desired style may not be right for your hair, we will recommend other appropriate styles.




How should I prepare for my appointment?

We recommend that you wash and blow dry your hair prior to your appointment. Please arrive on time and bring the recommended amount of hair for your chosen style. 

Will Angel Hair Braids provide the hair for my preferred style?

We can provide human or synthetic hair at an additional cost which depends on your preferred style and the type of hair that you want (human or synthetic). We will discuss this during your consultation. You are always welcome to purchase the hair for your style at your local beauty supply store or from your preferred website vendor. 

How many packs of hair do I need? 

We will determine the quantity of hair needed for your style during your consultation.

I would like to bring my own hair. Which is better: human or synthetic hair?

Your hair choice depends on your preferred style. For example, synthetic hair may be the better choice for medium to large box braids or individuals. If you're wearing braids that are styled as a braid weave or our Weave Alternative, human hair would be a better choice.

If you decide to purchase human hair, we prefer to work with authentic (100%) human hair that has not been cut with synthetic or other fibers. Keep in mind that there are manufacturers who blend human hair with foreign fibers and sell it as 100% human hair. Also, there are some manufacturers who add a coating to low quality “human” hair to make it look lustrous and soft but the coating wears off when the hair becomes damp or wet. Human hair must be cuticle free and cannot be cut off of a weft.


Inferior brands of “human” hair – those that have been blended or coated - often sell for much less than authentic 100% human hair. Unless you’re able to purchase high quality, authentic 100% human hair, we advise that you spend your dollars on good synthetic hair rather than spend $59-$89 per bundle for poor quality “human” hair that has been blended or coated.

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