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Celebrating 40 Years of Braiding

1980 - 2020

Angel Hair Braids opened its doors in April 1980 with a goal to provide high-quality hair braiding in a comfortable environment. 

Over the past few decades, we have proudly worked with well-known musicians, models, and actors with both stage ready styles, and great everyday protective styles. We have built a strong and much-valued clientele primarily consisting of professional women - attorneys, doctors, nurses, teachers, corporate executives, and athletes – seeking style, convenience, and efficiency. Our experience has grown to include braiding many different textures of hair so we proudly welcome clients of all nationalities. 

We have also developed a Weave Alternative technique to provide full and glamorous styles for clients with finer hair and mild or severe alopecia (balding), as well as for recovering cancer patients who may be experiencing temporary hair loss. Browse our Photo Gallery to see examples of our technique.


The Angel Hair Braids Salon Experience

  • A private and comfortable atmosphere 

  • A friendly, experienced, and professional braider

  • One-on-one consultations 

  • WiFi access

  • Convenient parking

meet priscilla,
our master braider
the hands behind our angel experience
priscilla roberts

Priscilla Roberts began her professional braiding career in September 1978.

Her love for the artistry of braiding started at the tender age of 9.  She practiced the art of cornrows on anyone who would allow her to create a style for them and quickly became the go-to girl for braiding in the community.  Her first paying client was a neighborhood lady and her daughter, making her an entrepreneur at 12 years old. 

Her first salon experience was at the Braidery in Los Angeles, under the mentorship of salon owner Linda Hoffman. After two years, Priscilla launched her own salon, Braids Are You. When her three daughters joined the business, they collectively decided to rename the salon Angel Hair Braids because their braids were small in size and lightweight.

Priscilla’s daughters have been an integral part of her business over the years and although they have each pursued different successful career paths, she remains very proud and grateful for their love, support, talents, and contributions to the ongoing success of her salon. 


I call Priscilla the "Hair Whisperer." Her braid installations are as beautiful as they are technically impeccable; and because of that, I trust my hair in her hands. There is a widely known misconception about braids--that they do not last, damage the hair follicle, cause alopecia, etc. To the contrary, I can wear Priscilla's braids (maintaining them well--and she'll tell you how to do that) for 4 months. Further, my hair has never been healthier or grown faster than it has since becoming one of her clients. Of course, that is in part because braids are a protective style. However, a style is only as protective as it is properly executed--Priscilla's braids are just that. If you're on the lookout for braiders in the Los Angeles area, you need look no further than Angel Hair braids in Beverly Hills. It will be worth every, single dollar.

- Toya C.
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